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Japan has been known as a health conscious country throughout history. One of the reasons for this is the very popular “Kenko Taiso” – a national treasure of unique exercises that almost anyone can do. The literal translation in English is “Health exercises."  I call them Wisdom Exercises because they are simple, yet effective, and scientifically correct. At Wisdom Exercise, I share valuable information on how to easily enhance our spritual and phsycal health with Kenko Taiso.

What is Wisdom Exercise ?

You're JUST 1 CLICK away from optimizing your workout routine or Yoga Life (or getting started on a healthy regimen)!

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I'm Yukiko Takemoto. Nice to meet you!

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I love helping and watching people make a positive change in their lives. When they become happier I'm happy. If I can help one person solve a small problem, I know I've done a good job.

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What is 7 Secrets to Optimize Your Yoga AT HOME ?

The 7 Secrets is our premier video and audio program that embraces everyone. "Yoga" as a totality of our human experience, beginners can have an easy start at home, while professionals can optimize the benefit of their workout routine and Yoga life. Do a favor for yourself, your students, and your family; Sign up to receive the 7 Secrets to Opminize Your Yoga AT HOME Today!  (while it's free)

"I used to lift weights, Now I want to do something different, something that doesn't make my muscles bulky, but still lets me feel strong and balanced. Since I starrted the class with you, I feel taller and feel great! It's so nice to feel all the different parts of my body!"

                                                                  - Margery Smith

7 Secrets to Optimize Your Yoga At Home

This program is no longer free. Please contact info@WisdomExercise.com for purchasing insstructions.

This program is no longer free. Please contact info@WisdomExercise.com for purchasing instructions.

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